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If you are like me and love cooking, not only do you love being in the kitchen but reading cookbooks and finding new recipes and techniques to try. With that in mind, I decided to add this section to my blog. Here are some of my past and current favorites for you to look at. Some of them may not be available any more but can still be found on ebay, many are new and should be easy to find on amazom. I recommend them all.

“The EssentialAsian Cookbook” I believe the name pretty well stats the facts. This is not a new book, I have had my copy since some time back in the late 90’s but it is one of the best on the subject of Asian Cuisine.

Asia is a very large place and its dishes and cooking technics vary as much as it’s peoples. This book will bring you a greater understanding and appreciation of both. It provides history of the dishes and the countries that they come from. It explains to you the similarities and differences of the various styles and taste that each country brings to what is generally called Asian cuisine.

“TheEssential Asian Cookbook" is well organized. It has each Cuisine broken down by country but also has sections dedicated to cooking equipment and technics, spices, fruits, teas, rice’s and many other specialty subjects.

Two of the best features of this book are its 9 page illustrated glossary and they star system it uses to tell you at a glance the difficulty and time investment a recipe requires. One star is simple and basic, two stars a little more complicated and the three star dishes require the most time and effort. This makes the book easy to use whither you are a beginner or more experienced Chef.

It doesn’t matter if you are newbie to Asian Cuisine or someone with years of experience this book deserves a place on your reference shelf. I have carried mine through several moves country to country and I like to travel light.

Just wanted to give you qick review of one of my new favorite cookbooks,”The Tucci Cookbook” by Stanley Tucci. Not surprising coming from one of Americas favorite Italian actors, this book is both informative and entertaining. Loaded with recipes that range from the simple to the sublime as well as stories from Stanley’s life this book takes you on journey ruled by food. Growing up in an Italian kitchen He learned to love and appreciate fine cooking from an early age and as this book shows that love never waned. A new cooking classic for all lovers of Italian Cuisine.

“Pasta”                                  Pyramid Paperback Books
“Cooking with Love”          by: Carla Hall and Genevie Ko

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