Thursday, April 4, 2013

Monsanto will Sue Vermont if GMO Law Passed
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Legislators in Vermont face a hard decision, do they do what is best for the voters or do they bow to the world most hated company, Monsanto. In question is Bill (H-722) which if passed would require the labeling of all Genetically Modified Foods within the state of Vermont.

The Vermont Legislature, once considered the most progressive in the US, is attempting to avoid having to take a vote on Bill H-722 by holding public hearings and committee discussions until their session expires in early May.

H-722 appears to have overwhelming support from the public. It has caused the greatest surge of mail, phone calls and e-mails to legislators in the last 13 years with 90% being in favor of passing the bill.

At first Monsanto attempted to kill the bill with the use of unsubstantiated or outright false scientific facts. These failed as each of their attempts were refuted by proven scientific testimony.

Failing in these attempts Monsanto feel back on their standard bullying tactic of promising to file suit in federal court if the bill was passed into law.

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