Thursday, October 3, 2013

Things have been busy around our little farm. The chicks from our first two hatching's have finally separated from their mothers. It appears that we were blessed (sic) with five Cockerels. Thank goodness that we have another hen that started hatching her clutch today. Let's hope we have all hens. The young roosters are fun to watch as they bounce around the yard and try to challenge each other but they do make it a noisy place.
We were given three little Quail this week. Their mother got hit by a car so our neighbor gave them to us. More babies for the farm.
People are probably wondering why I say little farm constantly. The reason is, it is little. Our entire piece of land measures 80 sq. meters and that includes the house we live in. That is small by any standards for a farm.
You would be surprised what you can do with a little piece of land and determination. Our goal is raise, minimum, half our produce and the majority of meat on this tiny piece of land. Some think we are crazy (not for the first time) but we have a good start.
Right now our farm consists of:
·        Tomatoes (two varieties)
·        Peppers (three varieties)
·        Malunggay / Moringa (See my articles on this miracle plant)
·        Calamansi (Like a small lime)
·        Papaya
·        Dalandan (A native Orange)
·        Ginger (Yellow and White)
·        Onions
·        Garlic
·        Fentil
·        Okra
·        Chickens
·        Quail
·        A spoilt rotten dog
·        And I have grape vines sprouting now
We will add more things as we work out the placements and find native seeds to use.

Everything we grow here will come from native seeds and varieties. We will use no chemicals for any reason. Our entire purpose is to see just how much healthy food we can produce for ourselves.

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