Thursday, May 19, 2016

Chemical Free Organic Garden Pest Control

Can you tell the difference in these beneficial insects and the ones destroying your garden?

Gardening season is back upon us and as usual, one of the first topics that will come up among gardeners and especially organic gardeners is pest control.

As organic gardeners, we should stay loyal to the idea of growing our fruits and veggies as naturally and chemical free as possible. As part of my new dedication to this blog, I am going to start out by trying to help with this subject by passing along what little knowledge I have of chemical free pest control along with some other good sources of information that I have been able to find.

Garden pest come in many different sizes from minute to 100 kg (220 lb.) plus four-legged mammals. The things that they all have in common are that they are all a pain that can destroy our crops and they can all be controlled without having to resort to chemicals that are dangerous to both us and our environment.

Because chemical free and organic pest control are such broad subjects, I will be breaking this up into a series of post and for the curious among you the reason I say, chemical free and organic pest control, is because there are many organic pest control products on the market, which use naturally occurring chemicals.

They may be organic, but I cannot honestly say they are chemical free, so I feel compelled, in the name of honesty, to make the distinction between the two.

Anywho, I hope you find the articles that will follow to be of great assistance in your efforts to live a healthier and more natural life. Stay tuned the first in our series on “Chemical Free Organic Garden Pest Control” will follow shortly.

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  2. Thank You James, it is always gratifying to receive comments like this. If there is a specific subject you would like to see covered please just let us know.


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