Saturday, June 11, 2016

30% of All Food Produced Is Wasted

It is not often that I agree with the UN or any other government body, but as someone who sees the effects of hunger and poverty every day, I also find these numbers totally unacceptable. There is too much food wasted and too many people hungry in the world for this to continue.

If you notice a major part of the waste is felt to be from transportation. Supporting local farmers, growing your own and eating fresh food is not only healthier for you personally, but for the planet as a whole.

Not only does it reduce food waste due to transport losses and inefficient processing methods. It can have a great impact on the amount of pollution generated by food production.

Personally, I find it very gratifying to say, “Honey, I’m going to get groceries. I’ll be in the yard if you need me.

United Nations Wasted Food Statistics

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