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Common Sense Diet

Common Sense Diet

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First let me say I am not a Doctor; I am not a Dietician and I am not a Nutritionist but I’m not an idiot either. People worldwide spend millions of dollars annually trying to lose weight. Some are successful; at least in the short term but most that do lose weight will gain back more than they lost. This is known as the Yoyo effect and is mystifying to most people. To me this common sense, the body is doing what it is designed to do. If you starve the body either by too low a fuel intake or too low a nutrient intake you trigger the body into survival mood. Once triggered this natural defense mechanism will cause the body to store emergency rations as fat, preparing for a time it may be starved again, God and nature designed us this way. Makes a lot of sense if you look back to when we ate what we raised or foraged for or went hungry.

Another reason people have such a hard time losing and maintaining weight loss is most diets take away from us rather than giving to us. Humans are obstinate by nature and if you tell us you can’t have it just makes us want it more. In todays get it now world this is a major psychological issue that can’t be ignored. To be successful at weight maintenance the entire person must be addressed not just the spare tire in the middle.

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The biggest issue for maintaining weight isn’t the amount of food we eat but the types of food we eat. Processed, sweetened, flavor enhanced food ready at our finger tips or local drive thru. Studies have found that even though we are eating more our nutrition levels are way down. To a great extent this is due to the modern corporate farm method of farming that depletes the soul of nutrients and depends on crops genetically modified to produce more, faster with little regard for taste or nutrition and excellent marketing by the food industry. Empty calories may taste good but will never really satisfy your hunger. The body needs what it needs and will beg until it gets it. All this being said, hope is not lost, weight loss is obtainable and maintainable if we use a little common sense and think what is my body really asking for?

Good nutrition is easier to get than most relies. Almost every city and town now has a farmers market where you can not only find farm fresh traditionally raised produce but true free range meats and eggs from free range chickens. These are different from what you see at your big box store in one very important respect, they are good for you. Just like us, an animal is what it eats. Free range animals eat more natural foods themselves and pass on the nutrients to us. A cow or lamb or chicken that is raised on natural grasses will also have a much finer taste than one raised in a feed lot force feed what is little more than industrial waste with hormones and antibiotics. Remember you are what you eat and they are what they eat so when you eat them guess what.

Another bonus from shopping at your local farmers market is you keep your money in your community rather than sending it to a corporation.

What this means from a weight maintenance point is that you can be more satisfied and healthier with less food. Common sense says this is a good thing and that less weight will be gained if you don’t start to loss.


You can find your local farmers market or True organic food supplier by visiting the links below:

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  1. I'm loving reading through your site, and I couldn't agree more that processed foods and fad diets are big problems with weight and health in our society. Some animals are fed cocktails of hormones and growth enhancers and fed processed diets, not to mention all the antibiotics. New stats suggest that 80% of antibiotic use worldwide is for livestock, and we wonder why we have a problem with superbugs.

    Thanks again for your articles, I look forward to reading more

  2. Emma thank you for the compliments, this started out as a simple food blog but more and more I have found myself pulled into the whole food green movement. It is much more satisfying and gratifying. Your comment was well timed as I am currently working on a series dealing with traditionally raised chicken versus modern poultry farm chicken and how it has affected the nature of the meat we eat. I'm not sure where it will be published yet but if not here then I will link it to here.


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