Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Shopping on My Street

Wild Bananas
Calamansi Bush
One of the things I love about the Philippines is the availability of fresh produce without having to travel to Supermarkets and eat processed foods. Our neighbor down the block has a very nice Indian Mango tree. They are an elderly couple and asked if we could help gather some of the fruit before it got over ripe. Being neighbors I would never have thought of saying no. Besides I love Indian Mango, raw with a little salt. Dang (my wife), I and Kata (one of my nieces) went down and picked mangoes for maybe an hour. No big deal and we brought home a nice sack of fruit for ourselves.
Malunggay Tree
Japanese Corn Patch
Ube (Purple Yam)
While we were at the end of the block we decided to check on the neighborhood garden just to see how everything was progressing. Of course everything in the garden is growing green as ever, this is the Philippines after all. The prize of the garden wasn’t something that we planted though; it was nice bunch of Wild Bananas ripening on the tree.
Green Beans starting to run
White Birds Eye Pepper
Wild Lemon Grass
Ate Beth one of our resident Gardner's
As we left the garden another neighbor wanted us to look at their Papaya Tree. The fruits are almost ready to pick and looked delish. Walking back we stopped to look at the Guyabano tree across the street, no fruit today, it was already picked clean but we did gather a nice bunch of wild Lemon Grass for our chicken dinner last night. Wild Lemon Grass is so much more flavorful than farmed. The plant knows the best place for it grow.
Guyabano Tree
Papaya in our neighbors yard
Cassava bush growing wild
I feel truly blessed to have so much abundance so close to my door. Look at the pictures here they were all taken within 100 yards of our front door.
You can add to what you see here, Ginger, Green Onion, Garlic and so much more but for them I might have to walk 150 yards.

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