Friday, February 1, 2013

Laotian Fish Balls

Laotian Fish Balls

Steamed rice rolls with fish balls
Steamed rice rolls with fish balls (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
1 lb White fish filleted and chopped very fine

3 Chillies seeded and chopped very fine

1.5 tsp Lemon grass chopped very fine

4 Garlic cloves chopped very fine

3 Spring onions chopped very fine

4 Tbls fresh Coriander chopped very fine and divided into two equal parts

1 egg well beaten

2 Tbls flour (rice flour is traditional and best)

1 Lemon cut into wedges

Oil for frying (Peanut is my personal choice)

Combine all the chopped ingredients together with the flour and egg saving ½ the Coriander for later use. This can be done with a food processer but be careful not to over work the mix. Form into balls around 1 inch in diameter. Fry golden brown and sprinkle with the remaining Coriander. Garnish with the lemon wedges and serve with your choice of dipping sauces. I recommend Sweet Chili Sauce.

Total preparation time is approximately 30 min. from start to table, makes about 25 balls.
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