Sunday, February 10, 2013

Basic Pesto Sauce

The ingredients to make a Pesto - pecorino che...

Here is my first “Basic but Wow Sunday” recipe. Pesto always seems to be popular so I thought it would be a good one to start with. Hope you enjoy it.

Pesto is one of the most basic sauces used in Italian Cooking. It is simple to make and very versatile. I use it as a base for more ambitious recipes, as a stuffing for Baked Peppers and Tomatoes and even as a sandwich spread. It keeps well when covered with olive oil and refrigerated or can be frozen for long term storage. Make up a big batch and keep it for seasoning soups and stews or making a quick spicy stuffing for meats and vegetables. This recipe yields about 1cup of finished sauce but it is easily multiplied to fit your needs.

1 cup Basil Leaves tightly packed
Mortar and Pestle  - Pepper
Mortar and Pestle - Pepper (Photo credit: macattck)

½ cup Parsley tightly packed

½ cup Parmesan Cheese grated

¼ Pine Nuts

½ cup Olive Oil (Extra Virgin, cold pressed if you have)

Traditional method: Mince Basil, Parsley and Pine Nuts and place in Mortar. Add Olive Oil a little at a time working it in the mix with the Pestle. Slowly add Parmesan working it in. Mask mix into a fine paste. Enjoy!

Basil / Albahaca
Basil / Albahaca (Photo credit: . SantiMB .)
Modern Method: Place Basil, Parsley, Pine Nuts and Parmesan into food processer with a chopping blade. With the machine running, slowly add Olive Oil. Run Machine scraping down sides as needed until sauce is formed. Enjoy!

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