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Basic Mayonnaise Recipe

Basic Mayonnaise Recipe

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Mayonnaise is a very basic condiment it can be used as a Sandwich Spread, Salad dressing alone or as a base for more ambitious recipes. Here is the Mayo reduced to its most basic elements. To be honest it is very rare for me to stop with this recipe. For me pushing the limits and trying new flavors is a passion. Do yourself a favor and add to this recipe. Make a Garlic Mayonnaise; make a Chili Mayo, experiment and have fun. Come up with something new and share it here. I love to see and spread my readers’ ideas. You’ll need:

1 Egg Large

1½ tsp White Wine Vinegar

1 cup Oil (olive oil, coconut oil your favorite)

2 Tbs Lemon

¼ tsp Dry Mustard (optional)

Whisk and Mixing Bowl


Mixer/Food Processor

In a bowl combine Egg, Vinegar and half your Lemon juice whisk together until frothy and light. Whisking continuously slowly add your Oil in a steady stream being careful not to add to fast or you will kill your froth. Still whisking add remaining Lemon juice and Dry Mustard, mix well. Place in a jar that seals well or in a bowl covered with plastic wrap and refrigerate. All this can be done in a mixer or food processor. This mayo will keep for about a week as long as it is kept chilled.
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