Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Maganda (Beautiful) Sight
An overloaded Jeepney in southern Philippines
An overloaded Jeepney in southern Philippines (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My wife went to the mall a couple of weeks back. I had been up late the night before (Drinking Session) so I stayed at home to sleep. She called me, an explained that she had bought a lot of groceries and it was hot and the Jeepney wasn’t going to leaving for a long time and da de da de da….. . In short I needed to drag my butt out of bed and come get her. Being the husband and head of the house I told her, Yes Mam. I learned a long time ago never piss off the cook. Anyway, I dragged myself out of bed, dressed myself and being proud it only took 2 tries to get my pants on forward and 3 tries to get my shoes on the right feet I headed to the mall.

You can probable imagine how happy I was to driving to SM (Mall) with an empty stomach and a head that barely fit in the car. Little did I know it was going to be a most enjoyable drive? Down the road from our subdivision we have a little area where the houses and shops sit right on the road. Those familiar with the Philippines will know the kind of place I’m talking about. It’s not very large maybe 10-12 little structures. Well I’m driving slowly down the road when I see a young lady, probably in her early twenties, walking towards me holding a kid, maybe 3 years old, by the hand. Nothing unusual about that except the girl is wearing a towel. Well, naturally I slowed down even more. You have to be extra cautious around kids.

Photo i have taken myself, for the "jeepn...
Photo i have taken myself, for the "jeepney" gallery. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
As luck would have it a Jeepney was coming up the other side of the road and for some unknown reason blew its horn as it passed the girl. What happened next was terrible to see. The horn scarred the child who jumped to the side taking the young ladies towel with it. Now there was this young lady standing on the side of road wearing nothing but the skin God gave her, he does do wonderful work. She is trying to get her towel back from the child, who won’t let go, and cover up everything at the same time. As much as I hate to say it, she wasn’t very successful. I considered, being the gentleman that I am, stopping to offer assistance but I remembered my wife was waiting in the heat so I watched the young lady disappear in my rearview still fighting for her towel.

Shortly thereafter I arrived at the mall and there was my wife, as beautiful as always, waiting patiently.  I helped her load the groceries and we headed home. She asked me why I had such big smile on my face and I had to tell her the truth. I was just so glad to see her and had missed her so much while she was gone.

This story is strange but true, only the names have been changed to protect me.

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