Saturday, February 2, 2013

Why a Food Safety Page

Why a Food Safety Page

When I started thinking of doing this blog I sat down with my wife, an international chef, and discussed what she felt should be included. The first thing she said was “food sanitation”. I was a little shocked that she would think of this subject as a top priority. I had been expecting, her to say, a page on spices or that recipes should be my first priority. So I, being a man, said it was a wonderful thought and proceeded with my own ideas. My wife, being a woman, reminded me daily of what she felt should be a top priority. To give you the short version of it, I promised, for the sake of piece, to do the research and I am a man who always keeps his promises.

What I hate to admit is that she was right. The more I looked into the subject, the more I realized how right she was. The true facts were shocking to me and, I believe, will be to you also. So a “Food Safety” page is being added, I hope we can all learn something that will help us stay healthy, now for the scary truth.

The information that I will provide to you will be mostly from the USA. Yes the place of a regulation for everything and multiple agencies to oversee every step of food production from the farm to the table of your home or favorite restaurant.  

All information given here was acquired from one of two sources, either the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases or the US Center for Disease Control.

According to the latest information available, 1 out every 6 Americans will be sick with a food born disease within the next 12 months that is equal to 48,000,000 people. These illnesses will range from mild stomach upsets or flu like symptoms to deaths. The majority of them will never be diagnosed or seen by a physician. From this group 128,000 will require hospitalization and more than 3,000 will die, all from a food born disease.

There are over 250 known food borne pathogens (germs, viruses, parasites etc) of these only 31 are statistically tracked by the CDC, the rest of these pathogens being too difficult to distinguish or of such a low reported instance rate to be numerically insignificant. These are cold hard numbers straight from US government sources.

After reading these facts, I began to see why my wife had pushed me to include a page on “Food Safety” and I will now gladly add it to this blog. Some of the subjects that will be covered on this page may seem like little things but my father taught me “if you take care of all the little things, there are no big things”. If something on this page stops one person from getting ill it will be space well spent. Look for the first post tomorrow. I promise it will be here.


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