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Filipino Halayang Ube ( Jellied Purple Yam) Recipe

Filipino Halayang Ube ( Jellied Purple Yam)
English: Ube halaya (ube jam) made from mashed...
English: Ube halaya (ube jam) made from mashed ube (purple yam Dioscorea alata) with condensed milk (condensada). This dish is a commonly served in festive occasions in Philippine cuisine. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Ube or Purple Yam is a native of Asia but is now found throughout the world. It has many names including Hawaiian Yam, Winged Yam, Water Yam and Ten month Yam. It grows well in almost any Subtropical to Tropical Region. It contains no fat, no saturated fat, very little sodium and is an excellent source of natural fiber.  Ube lends itself to sweet application and flavor profiles. Here in Asia, it is used in cakes, cookies, ice-creams, Halo Halo and in the desert I present here, Halayang Ube or Jellied Purple Yam.

2 lbs. Ube (Purple Yam) unpeeled

¾ cup Butter softened

1 1/3 cup Sugar

Pinch of Salt

½ cup Cheddar Cheese grated

1Tbs butter for greasing

Purple yam
Purple yam (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Boil your Ube in water with a pinch of salt for approximately ½ hour, checking doneness with a toothpick or cake tester. Make sure they are soft all the way through. Remove from water and carefully remove the skins and place in a large bowl still warm. Next, using a Potato masher or mixer on low mash your Ube until there are no lumps visible. Stirring constantly add you butter and work it in. Then your Coconut Milk, Heavy Cream and lastly your sugar. Continue mixing until smooth. You may need to add a little extra Cream; it should be a thick pudding consistency. Grease your pan or bowls if doing individual servings with butter and spread evenly; Place in refrigerator and allow to become well chilled. Sprinkle shredded Cheddar over the top and serve. Enjoy!

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