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G-Mans Quick French Toast

G-Mans Quick French Toast

Breakfast foods are some of my favorite foods. Eggs, pancakes, sausages, bacons, French Toasts all come in a variety of styles, tastes and textures. I love all kinds of foods but Breakfast is truly the meal I look forward to the most, even if I have it for Supper. For years, French Toast was at the bottom of this list mainly because all the recipes that I had found for it seemed more complicated than I wanted to handle before my morning coffee. As I gained more experience I realized that it wasn’t as complicated as some made it seem. French Toast can be simpler than omelets if you stick to basics. Here is a quick and easy French Toast recipe that even a half asleep father of Six can handle.

2 medium Eggs

½ cup Half and Half (Evaporated milk works in a pinch)

¼ tsp Nutmeg ground

1Tbs sugar

10-12 slices of bread stale

1/8 cup shredded cheese(optional)

Butter for frying (the more the better)

Torrija española; spanish torrija
Torrija española; spanish torrija (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Leave Bread slices laying out so they become stale or use this recipe when you have stale bread rather than wasting it. Combine eggs, Half and Half, Nutmeg and sugar is a bowl large enough for your bread to lay flat in the bottom, whip them together with a whisk or fork. Heat a skillet over a medium low heat. Melt butter in skillet be sure to use enough to cover bottom of skillet. Drop bread flat in your mix flip it over and place directly in hot skillet. The idea is to coat each side of the bread not soak it in the mix. Cook until one side is golden brown flip and cook other side. This can take a few minutes as slower cooking is best. That’s it, no muss no fuss. Can be served as is or with your favorite syrup. This dish makes a great companion for spicy sausages as well as salter bacons and hams, as always ENJOY.


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