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Healthful Popcorn Recipies

Healthful Popcorn
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Ok folks, it is movie night at the Lovvorn house. I can’t tell you what’s playing because tonights not my night to pick. What I can tell you is there will be Dang and myself with an uncountable number of teenagers and an aunt or uncle or two thrown in. What this means is munchies for a bunch of people. The requirements’ are, it has to plentiful, it has to be tasty, it has to be cheap and I have to be able to make more in 10 minutes or less so I don’t miss too much of the movies. Oh and I almost forgot, It has to be low fat, everyone is on a diet after the holidays; It has to be low in cholesterol, you know Aunt_____ has a cholesterol problem; it has to be low sodium, Uncle_____ has High Blood Pressure and we can’t forget sugar free someone is diabetic don’t really remember who or how their related to us.

Italian olive oil, both oil and an oil bottle ...
I can here you now, it can’t be done know such snack exist but your wrong. I’ll even cut the time requirement to 5 minutes. Ready for the answer, POPCORN! Not the movie theater type, too much salt to much fat (butter, oil), high in cholesterol (again butter and oil) and not the Kettle Corn type it has too much sugar and definitely not plan popcorn it is just BLAH. Here it is simple, healthy and yes tasty.


Parmesan Cheese Grated fine

Paprika ground

Cayenne Pepper dried and ground

Garlic ground

Français : Parmesan (fromage italien)The size Sauce pan you use will be determined by how much finished popcorn you want but generally speaking smaller batches are easier to cook and better too much pan than not enough. Place your pan over a medium heat; add just enough olive oil to cover the bottom of the pan 1-2 millimeters deep; add popcorn, just enough to form a single layer of kernels across the bottom of the pan. Place lid on the pan allow to heat shaking every few seconds until you hear the first ping inside the pot. Now shake pan back and forth keeping it over the heat continually. The idea is not let the kernels settle but keep them moving in the pan. If allowed to settle the popcorn will scorch. Keep shaking until popping sounds are spaced by 2-3 seconds. Remove from heat and pour popped popcorn into bowls, bags whatever you will use to serve it. This is where you would normally add butter and lots of salt. Don’t; instead sprinkle with any of the seasonings listed above. I love the Parmesan but at times like the spicier seasonings. Try them all, and don’t be afraid to mix and match. If none of these sought your taste, pull out the spice rack and go wild. If you find something you like leave it in a comment here for others to see and don’t forget to leave me your ideas for the “Basic but Wow” Sunday Blog. Let me know what you would like to see or have explained. I’ll always do my best to give you what you ask for. Now, as always, Enjoy!

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